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It’s easy to attach an edible print to a biscuit, how great would it be to give a home-made delicacy with a photo of you and your Valentine as a gift?!

Requirements for 12 biscuits:

  • Your favorite choice of shortbread dough
  • Edible prints 6cm across (frosting sheets)
  • Heart shaped...

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Chocolate letters are nice to get as a present, and all the more so if they look attractive. With some chocolate, edible prints and sprinkles you can conjure up these original chocolate letters!

Before setting to work, make sure you have everything ready:

  • Cut out the...

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Doesn’t this autumn weather wet your appetite for baking? It does Peter from Peter’s Treasury’s! That is why he went ahead with these Halloween cookies! The Halloween cookies look nice on the table but are also suited as a cookies topper on cupcakes.

Ingredients for...

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New in our stock: edible straws!

You hear about it more and more in the news; plastic straws are causing problems for the environment, especially for animals. That being said for most drinks it’s unnecessary to even use a straw. A sustainable replacement for the plastic straws are the ever...