Edible flyers

A unique and sustainable means of communication

Are you looking for edible flyers or other sustainable means of communication? Then you’ve come to the right address. We at Cakeprint have had many years of experience in manufacturing edible flyers. These years of experience ensure that Cakeprint is a reliable partner for all your edible printed material.

As for edible printed material, apart from consumer prints and edible flyers you can also think of other edible means of communication, such as: edible birth cards, edible menus, edible press releases, edible business cards and the like. The edible flyers are made of edible paper or wafer. We only use high-quality wafer (so-called DD quality wafer). This wafer is more solid and thicker than regular wafer, so your message will be presented more clearly.

The wafer is made of potato flour, water, vegetable oil, and sweetened with vanilla. We print it with our special edible ink, so the flyers can actually be consumed. This form of edible advertising is environmentally friendly because the flyers are 100% biodegradable and therefore low-waste.

For larger numbers we charge quantity discounts and separate delivery times.

Curious for the options? Contact us without any obligation through: or through or contact page.