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How to use the wafer paper - Suggestions for top treats

Cakes & Pastry
Spread the whipped cream, cream or glaze as smoothly as possible. The finest result is reached when you lay the print on the cake/pastry about an hour prior to consumption. The surface will adhere to the print, creating a nice, glossy effect. To prevent curling of the edges, cover the print with a layer of plastic wrap (no aluminium foil). Then lay a thin magazine on top of this to exert some pressure cautiously. After some 15 minutes the print has adhered to the surface sufficiently and you can remove the plastic wrap cautiously.

Lay the print on the bottom of the frying pan, with the printed side downwards. Pour the batter into the pan and bake the pancake as you are used to.

Marzipan or roll fondant
Stick the print to marzipan or roll fondant with some water, egg white or apricot jam. Rub the edges of the print thoroughly in particular. This prevents curling.

Cut to size
If the print is too large for your treat, cut it to size with a dry and clean scissor.

Conservation suggestion
Wafer paper is very sensitive to moisture and cannot be stored in the open air or at in a sunny spot.

Therefore, store the wafer paper:

  • In the original package (cover + envelope)
  • In a dry, dark place at a maximum temperature of 20 degrees Celsius

That way, the wafer paper will keep for 12 months. Wafer paper cannot be frozen.